Perl Oasis 2011

Introduction to Moose

By Chris Prather (‎perigrin‎) from,
Date: Friday, 14 January 2011 09:00
Duration: 180 minutes
Target audience: Beginner

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Join us for an in­terac­tive hands-on co­ur­se all about Moose. Moose is an OO sys­tem for Perl 5 that pro­vides a sim­ple de­clarative layer of "sugar" on top of a power­ful, ex­ten­sible meta-model. With Moose, sim­ple clas­ses can be created with­out writ­ing any sub­routines, and com­plex clas­ses can be simplified. Moose's fea­tures in­clude a power­ful attribute de­clara­tion sys­tem, type con­straints and co­erc­ions, met­hod modifi­ers ("be­fore", "after", and "around"), a role sys­tem (like mixins on steroids), and more. Moose also has a vib­rant ecosys­tem of ex­tens­ions as seen in the variety of MooseX:: modules on CPAN. This co­ur­se will cover Moose's core fea­tures, dip a toe into the meta-model, and ex­plore some of the more power­ful MooseX:: modules avail­able on CPAN. Students are ex­pec­ted to bring a lap­top, as you will be writ­ing code dur­ing the class. You will also be pro­vided with a tar­ball a week or so be­fore the class is scheduled, which will con­tain a di­rec­to­ry tree skeleton and test files. About the In­struc­tor: Chris Prath­er has been a Perl de­velop­er since 2001, and has created or con­tributed to dozens of CPAN modules. He has been a mem­b­er of the Moose core de­velop­ment team since 2006. He is cur­rent­ly work­ing on an In­troduc­tion to Ob­ject Orien­ta­tion using Moose. THIS IS A COR­PORATE TRAIN­ING CO­UR­SE AND RE­QUIRES AN EXTRA RE­GISTRA­TION FEE.

Attended by: Jonathan Hogue,