The Perl Oasis

Why Sponsor Perl Oasis?

Perl is an Open Source and Open Community programming language, and among the top ten in the world*. All improvements to the language are done on a personal time donation basis or by community grants. Perl Oasis is the only annual Perl specific workshop in the south east United States. This year Perl Oasis will be held at the Four Points Sheraton, Orland Florida, January 16th 2011.

Perl Oasis has been a regularly attended annual conference since 2008, with delegates and speakers from around North America, UK, Europe and the world. Although the primary subject for tutorials and presentations is the Perl programming language, many Open Source projects, such as Parrot, Apache, MySQL and Linux, and even PHP have been covered as well.

When a company sponsors Perl Oasis they are really supporting the Perl language and the Perl community. The stronger the community becomes the more robust and the better the language becomes.

The Perl Oasis conference is run on minimal cost basis ($33.00 per attendee per day) so that a couple of objectives can be met:

  1. Education of the masses. The cheaper the registration fees the more people that can attend. The larger the attendance the more the community grows.
  2. Perl is a fun language. If attendees have a fun and educational experience the more they want to use the language and the bigger the community grows.
  3. Perl Oasis gives back. The initial goal of the Perl Oasis conference is to cover all of its costs; once all costs are resolved the remaining funds are given back to the community through grants.
  4. Perl Oasis helps companies promote their business. As a sponsor of Perl Oasis you get exposure to all of top talent of the Perl community. The exposure helps to recruit talent to better your company and your bottom line.

Every donation makes a difference to the community. Sponsorship starts as little as $200.00 at the bronze level and goes all the way up to helping carry the conference for $10,000 at the platinum level.

Please take a moment and consider what your company can do to help the Perl Community through a donation to the Perl Oasis conference. For more information please contact us at

* Data taken from TIOBE Programming Index

Brand and Product Awareness

The conference is attended by IT professionals - the majority of whom are from around North America, UK and Europe, with a small number from further overseas. Most of the attendees are Developers, System Administrators and Technical Architects, although there is also a significant proportion of CIO’s and CEOs. The impact of the conference can be felt far wider than the number of attendees – many open source websites, will feature references to Perl Oasis and attract high traffic, which will provide exposure for key sponsors.

Recruitment Opportunity

Historically Perl Oasis has attracted some of North America’s leading Perl talent, and the format of this conference will provide sponsors with a fantastic opportunity to have representatives on site to meet and discuss issues and opportunities with delegates.

Promote your Open Source Credentials

What better way to promote your organization’s commitment to leverage the benefits of Open Source technologies, than to sponsor an event such as the North American Perl Conference? By demonstrating a symbiotic relationship with the grass roots of a large Open Source movement such as the North American Perl Community, you can demonstrate a level of understanding and commitment to Open Source that will distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Tax deductible contributions

The Perl Oasis Conference is a part of the Perl Foundation a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Holland, Michigan. Contributions made to the Perl Oasis Conference may be tax deductible. More information on the tax status of The Perl Foundation can be found at .

Levels of Sponsorship

(Please contact us at )

The Perl Oasis experience is funded by our many sponsors so please take a moment and review the different sponsorship levels.

  • Platinum Sponsorship ($5,000 - $9,999) the sponsor receives room naming rights and multiple branding options. Platinum Sponsorship with
  • Corporate Attendance ($10,000) the sponsor receives a free one day pass for all its employees, room naming rights and multiple of branding options.
  • Gold Sponsorship ($1,000 - $4,999) the sponsor receives break or BOF naming rights and a single branding option.
  • Silver Sponsorship ($500 - $999) the sponsor receives a single branding option.
  • Bronze Sponsorship (less than $500) the sponsor receives name recognition.

Sponsors Promotional Material

There will be a small area in the registration room set aside for the distribution of promotional material. Larger promotional items may also be used by arrangement.

The Perl Foundation (TPF)

The Perl Foundation is a legally registered DBA (Doing Business As) name of “Yet Another Society”. The foundation incorporated as “Yet Another Society”, so that's the name you'll see in the earlier documents. These days we mainly use the name The Perl Foundation, because it does a better job of explaining what we do. The Perl Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Holland, Michigan.

General Information

Sponsorship Check Payments are to be made to:

        Yet Another Society 
        6832 Mulderstraat 
        Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Online donations can be made at When making an online donation please make sure to choose 'Conferences and Workshops' in the ‘For’ field or include a comment that the money is to be used for the Perl Oasis Conference.

The Perl Oasis 2011 organization team consists of Development Managers and Senior Software Engineers for their respective companies, along with a willing group of volunteers from the Orlando Perl Mongers user group.