Talks and lasertag

10/01/14 13:28 by Dylan Hardison (‎dylan‎)

There are still a dozen people that have promised talks and have yet to submit them -- you know who you are!

This year's Perl Oasis is going to be more local-driven then ever before. This is good for two reasons:

First and foremost it means getting fresh ideas and people involved with Perl.

Second, it means that YAPC::NA::2014 may get many more first-time attendees. The implication here is that all of the Tampa Bay people coming to Perl Oasis will be hooked on Perl events and sell their left kidney[1] to go another one -- only 90 miles away in Orlando!

Also, in keeping with Perl Oasis's roots as a fun conference, we have a sweet arrangement (for those interested) in lasertag on Saturday evening.

That's right folks -- come to Perl Oasis and shoot your friends with lasers. You know you want to.

Don't delay, register today!